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What We Will Cover

We offer the best WordPress speed optimization services. Our website speed optimization service will help you fix slow sites, resolve Core Web Vitals issues, and score higher in Google PageSpeed Insights.

We also can troubleshoot slow backend problems, optimize Woocommerce checkout speeds, and much more. Our priority is to ensure that your website loading time reduces and improves your website’s speed and overall performance.

Core Web Vital Score

Core web vitals score is one of the factors Google considers essential in scoring overall user experience on a website page. Having a good core web vital score means your website loads faster, which would encourage users to visit again. We offer the best page speed optimization service and we will ensure your website has the perfect core web vital score.

What We Do

Optimize Images

Optimizing your website images is one of the essential parts of a page speed optimization service. Your pictures add more aesthetics to your website. And that is important when it comes to keeping your visitors engaged.

However, if your images are not optimized from time to time, it can affect your website speed and performance. Your website will become faster when you compress your images while retaining their original quality, and your website will become faster.

So ensure you always find a way to reduce the size of your images before uploading them to your website. This will also reduce the size of the page, which will significantly reduce the loading time. In addition, we can help you to keep your images optimized for better performance.

What We Do

Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Code minification is the process of removing data that is redundant and unnecessary without changing how your website processes your resources. As a result, code minification will considerably improve your site’s accessibility and speed, leading to a more satisfactory user experience.

In addition, the bandwidth of visitors with limited data plans will also be saved. It is vital to remove unused javascript code, CSS, HTML if you want to improve the speed of your WordPress website.

Our code minification team will help you remove unused data from your plugins, themes, etc. In addition, we will optimize and clean all your code resources.

What We Do

Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources include HTML imports, stylesheets, and scripts that delay or block your WordPress website from rendering or displaying a web page’s content to your website visitors. This delays the time images, texts, background colors, and borders load for the first time. Our expertise is in helping you speed up your page through our professional wordpress page speed optimization service.

What We Do

Leverage Browser Caching

Leveraging your browser’s caching is crucial to improving your website’s speed. Caching is used to keep a copy of a particular page that a visitor has visited. If the previous visitor requests that same page, instead of generating it from the database, the cache will intercept the request and supply the saved page.

Enabling your cache will save a lot of your resources and time while improving your site performance. First, we will help you install and enable one WordPress cache and set up various caching, browser, and database levels. After that, we will install and set up the WordPress cache plugin.

What We Do

Enable Compression

When a visitor on your website requests a page on your website, the time it takes for those pages to deliver depends on their sizes. If the page size is big, it will take longer to show that page to your user.

Enabling the compression of your WordPress website ensures the sizes of files sent from your server will be significantly reduced, which will increase the speed of the transfer of those files to your users’ browsers.

In addition, it will reduce the sizes of these pages by up to 60%, which will improve your website speed and overall performance. Allow us to help you configure and set up the best compression plugin for your website.

What We Do

Reduce Server Response Time

Your server response time is one of the crucial parts of your WordPress website you should take seriously. Server response time measures the time it takes to load a page for your user while also subtracting the latency between the browser and your server.

Your website must be optimized for speed to improve and reduce your server response time. We have the best wordpress performance optimization. We will inspect your website, identify and fix every malware that increases your server response time, and monitor your website for future regression.

What We Do

Remove Query Strings

Query strings are part of URLs where data is passed to the back-end database. They are everything that follows after “&” and “?”. However, query strings in stable resources will significantly reduce your website’s speed. This can lead to a high bounce rate on your web pages.

Also, they make your website susceptible to hackers because they are exposed. The only solution is to remove these query strings to improve and protect your website. Our trained experts will find the best plugin to remove these queries from your website permanently. Let’s take the stress off you.

What We Do

Optimize Mobile Experience

More than 50% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, there is a high probability that a higher percentage of your users use mobile devices. Optimizing your website for a better mobile experience will bring more traffic to your site.

When you optimize the mobile experience for your users, your page will load faster on mobile devices. Also, a poor mobile experience will result in poor search performance on search engines. Let us help you optimize the mobile experience to improve the overall user experience on your website.

What We Do

Desktop Experience Optimization

While mobile experience is vital, desktop experience optimization is also essential. Many users also love to use their desktops to access sites, especially if they need the information on a larger screen. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the desktop experience for your users if you want them to come back.

Desktop experience optimization will also significantly reduce the bounce rate from users with desktops and improve their speed and overall performance. Let our experienced professional help you optimize the desktop experience for your desktop uses for optimum results.

What We Do

Combine Requests

Combining requests is one of the best ways to optimize your website for speed. This is done by combining multiple service requests into a single branch for your users.

For example, a user might want to view unrelated data like an image, calendar for a group, a list of tasks, etc. Processing this data individually will take a lot of time. This is why combining requests is essential.

Combining these requests in a single batch will reduce the delay in loading your website. And doing this will improve the speed of your website. Let us help you to build a reliable batch to combine requests. We will also ensure that your combined requests are what your users want.

What We Do

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy loading is another excellent way to speed up WordPress service. The task of lazy loading is pretty simple. It will not display a page section until the visitor gets there.

For example, if you have images on your website that your visitor needs to scroll down to see, lazy loading won’t display or load the picture until the visitor gets there.

The same applies to the whole section of the page too. This achieves a reduction in loading time, better user experience, conservation of bandwidth, and improved website speed. Lazy loading will also save your website’s resources and improve the overall performance of your website.

What We Do

Inline Critical CSS

Critical CSS is the CSS responsible for the webpage’s content that shows immediately after a user loads your website. This content is what a user will see first without scrolling, and they are also called above-the-fold elements.

However, if the CSS files are too large, they considerably reduce the website’s speed. And this can discourage users from visiting your website. When you inline Critical CSS delivery, the loading time of your website will be significantly reduced, which will also increase the speed and overall performance of your website.

Inlining your CSS delivery is challenging. Let our team of trained experts help you to inline your critical access for optimal website speed.

What We Do

CDN Support

CDN is a set of servers distributed geographically, and they work together to provide efficient content delivery on the internet. A Cloudflare CDN set up correctly has many benefits, including improved website speed loading times, bandwidth cost reduction, improved website security, increased content availability, etc.

Every WordPress website user should have a content delivery network. However, setting up and managing a Cloudflare CDN consumes a lot of time and is frustrating. Our Cloudflare CDN team can help you to configure your CDN correctly. We will take the stress off you and help you set up your CDN without hassle.

What We Do

We Also Optimize as Part of Website
Speed Optimization

There have 180+ factors to optimize website speed and score.
Most of them are below we consider at the time of speed optimization service

Why Speed Optimization is Important


Your website will significantly improve by using saved data resources. And that's where caching comes in. Caching is used to keep a copy of a particular page that a visitor has visited. If another visitor requests that same page, instead of generating it from the database, the cache will intercept the request and supply the saved page.
Enabling your cache will save a lot of your resources and time. It will also improve your site performance because your server saves less redundant data.

Optimize the Database

Optimizing your database is a critical WordPress page speed optimization service. A newly installed WordPress is always organized. Therefore, the speed and performance of the website will be incredibly fast.
But, after a period of using it, the website will begin to slow down. And this happens because your WordPress website stores a lot of redundant and unnecessary data. This leads to an increase in the website size, which will, in turn, slow down the website performance.
The strategy you will use to reduce your website response and loading time is database optimization. Optimizing your database will improve your database performance, prepare your business for growth and change, ensure the recovery times of your system, etc.

Image Compression

Websites are becoming more visual, and images are one of the ways this is done. However, if the images you upload on your website are large, your website will considerably slow down, and the loading time will increase. Image compression is an essential part of speed optimization.
Large image files contribute a lot to the bounce rates a website has. Compressing your images without losing their quality will dramatically improve the speed of your website and user experience. It will also significantly reduce load time and improve the overall performance of your website.

Slow Plugins

Some plugins collect redundant data and create irrelevant backups, which will lead to a large database. This can make the plugins slow and affect the speed of your website. Slow plugins will significantly slow down your website. It will also increase loading time, discouraging visitors from visiting your sites. But when you optimize your website for speed, you will identify these plugins, delete them and set up better ones.

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We’ve got quite an impressive track record with our Deep theme and Modern Events Calendar plugin so we decided to translate that success into a more hands-on supportive role.
We’ve got more than 10 years of experience with WordPress designing, creating different products (themes and plugins) and websites.
Who better than us to be left in charge of your website’s maintenance? We can confidently boast that we’re one of the best maintenance services available.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Our first response is to audit your hosting environment and website when you come to us to help you with any WordPress website speed optimization service. Doing this lets us know the kind of plan we would come up with to increase the overall performance of your website and lower loading time.

We also ensure that your site’s speed remains fast daily. Getting your website to load quickly is one thing; it’s another thing to keep it fast every time. All the sites we have managed and are currently managing have been optimized to be fast enough to cause a significant impact.

Although our top priority is to ensure that your website loads in one second or less, we don’t make promises like this regarding the loading speed of the sites we manage. Any company that tells you this is trying to sell their services and take your money.

However, according to google, all of the sites we have managed and are still operating load times under two seconds, which is the ideal loading time.

Oh yes, we can. We are partners with many trusted hosting providers. And we can trust their hosting quality, speed, and customer care services. Our experts will be more than glad to recommend the one that will fit your needs. And when we have successfully signed you up with your hosting provider, we will ensure your migration is stress-free by working directly with your hosting provider.

We only work with website users that want to make their website faster and keep it like that for a long time. These are the people we provide WordPress page speed optimization services to.

Your website might be fast if you optimize it once. However, if there is nobody to optimize your WordPress website continually, it will eventually slow down after a few weeks. Therefore, we work with users who want their website to be a force to reckon with regarding website speed.

There are various reasons why your website must be fast. One top reason is visitors who visit your site will leave immediately if your loading times take a long time. Also, the performance of your SEO-optimized content will be affected because Google considers a website’s speed before ranking it.

Performance ratings let you know if your website has good practices. There are rating tools that confirm if optimization has occurred on a website. However, having a good rating doesn’t mean you have a fast website and vice versa. What determines the speed of your website is the time it takes a page to load.
We doubt that you will have any issues with our services. We pride ourselves on being the best WordPress speed optimization service. But we also understand that it can’t work for everyone all the time. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can reach our customer support team. They are available at any time to solve any problems you might experience.
Absolutely. Our processes ensure a significant improvement in your website performance. First, we analyze your website critically before doing anything, and we identify what needs to be done to reduce loading time. After identifying the issues, we then proceed to solve them. By the time we are done, your website will be as fast as you want it.
The policies of our company protect our customers. You can be assured that your confidentiality is one of our top priorities. Also, You can trust us with your website security because we have been doing WordPress website speed optimization service for a long time. We have various reviews from customers for whom we have successfully optimized their websites.

We understand that these are not all the questions on WordPress speed optimization services. If your question is not here, kindly contact us. We are only a click away. You can be sure that there is an answer waiting for you.

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