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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms out there. If you’re looking for a reliable support team, look no further. You’ll find it here. Our experts are ready to help you with anything related to WordPress. We offer 24/7 unlimited support via phone, chat, email, and ticketing system.

We provide premium quality support to our customers. Whether you want to learn how to use WordPress or just fix some issues, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to make sure you never feel left alone. So, whether you need help installing plugins, fixing bugs, or simply want to ask us something, we’re always here to assist you.

If you ever run into trouble while working with WordPress, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you out.

Running Your Business Just Got Easier

Doing tasks yourself takes too much time. You are busy doing things like answering emails, scheduling meetings, updating social media profiles, and responding to customer support requests. And it seems like there never ends.

If you want to save time, why don’t you outsource some of those tasks to us? We offer a wide range of WP services including core file updates, database updates, 24/7 unlimited security optimization, mobile and tablet responsiveness, malware scanning and removal, eCommerce site support, regular maintenance, LMS site support, multilingual site support, code monitoring, git management, and many others.

Who we are

How We Can Support You

Free-Range Odd Jobs

You can alter the appearance and functionality of your website by adding new content, plugins, and CSS. Please let one of our WordPress experts assist you.

Constant Surveillance

iThemes is responsible for doing ongoing security audits. Your website will be protected from any potential dangers if it is set up in this manner.

Adaptations made to WordPress

As part of the maintenance services that we offer, we will update your website so that it is always up to date, free from vulnerabilities, and operates as intended.

Modifications to the Plugins

We will install any necessary software upgrades to provide your website with the highest possible level of functioning and protection against any potential threats.

WordPress Experts and Developers

If we can be of service to you by helping you develop an awesome website, we’d happily provide our services for free!

Taking Care of Malware

We’re happy to clean up after you! If you spot any malicious software on your site, please let us know immediately so we can take care of it for you.

Multiple copies stored away from the original data

Have faith that if anything were to happen to your website, we would be able to bring it back even if it was completely destroyed.

Help Via Electronic Mail

Looking for a second or third opinion? Have questions? We have the answers here.

Begin with WP Maintenance Packages Led by Experts

Effective website maintenance is crucial for the success of any online business. Without proper maintenance, your website may experience technical glitches, slow loading times, and security vulnerabilities that can drive away potential customers. By utilizing our expert-led WP Maintenance packages, you can ensure that your website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance.

The Ways in Which Our Help Can Give You Rest Easy

Backups and Sites

  • Constant off-site backups
  • Fix your broken website.
  • Build a subtheme
  • Produced by specialized
  • Reasonable, flat rates
  • Specialists who focus solely on WordPress

Boost the Site's Speed

  • Verify the file size and load time of the page
  • Take down the useless threads
  • Analyzing Web Load Times
  • Put in a caching add-on
  • Size reduction for images

Upkeep of the Internet

  • Improvise a new look for your site.
  • It’s time to update your plugins.
  • WordPress Core Update
  • Locate plugin incompatibilities
  • Get rid of unused add-ons
  • Get rid of stale templates
  • Locate inactive references

Fix the Layout

  • Invoke the plugin installer and set up the necessary plugins
  • Need some template assistance?
  • Set up a feedback mechanism
  • Get a favicon set up.
  • Put an end to misalignment problems
  • Stylesheet adjustments (CSS)
  • It’s possible to alter pages by adding or replacing pictures.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Set up 301 redirects to boost SEO traffic
  • Modify meta descriptions
  • Get an SEO add-on set up
  • Send in your site map
  • Remove outdated references

Protective Measures

  • Removal of Malware
  • Detection of Viruses
  • Checks for safety
  • Stop junk email
  • Eliminate Potential
  • Security Risks by Deleting
  • Associated Files

Safety in Case of an Emergency

  • Cure fatal white screen of death
  • Identifying and Fixing Bugs
  • Questions about WordPress, in general,
  • You can send as many or as few emails as you like
  • Keeping an eye on uptime
  • New password
Customer Help

If we want to give our customers unrestricted help, how can we do that?

For requests that can’t wait more than 30 minutes, we have a team of WordPress specialists in the United States ready to help. This encompasses a wide range of actions, from creating new content to installing and customizing plugins and themes and making code changes in languages like CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

In order to process your requests as promptly as possible (often within a couple of hours), we ask that you submit them individually. A group of our programmers works around the clock. Our patrons are consistently reasonable people who are also pleased with our services.

Why You Should Take Our 24/7 Unlimited Support Service

Assistance for any and all WordPress issues

All WordPress issues are welcome; we don't exclusively support WPMU DEV products.

We will really sign in and address any issues you're having with the site.

By installing our Dashboard plugin, you may grant our support team access to your site for in-depth troubleshooting. It's the same as having your own in-house team of WordPress pros.

Full and detailed records

Use our comprehensive and user-friendly tutorials and guides to master your knowledge of WordPress in general.

Tutorial videos that can be rebranded as your own

Our forty-plus white-labeled WordPress training films are perfect for educating your clientele, and they can be embedded right into their WordPress dashboard for easy access. Always current, always a good resource.

White-label site management for agencies and freelancers

Are you an agency or freelancer looking to increase your bottom line without increasing overheads? Look no further than our white-label site management solution! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn extra cash on a retainer basis – sign up for our white-label site management service today!